VB.NET Application Development Services

With the help of VB.NET, one can create a wide range of applications and components as under:

  • Web (ASP.NET) applications
  • Web controls and web control libraries
  • Windows services
  • Standard Windows applications
  • Windows console mode applications 
  • Large Community Support

With actions and contributions from a large number of people, it has big community support. It's part of the .Net framework. 

Features of Vb.Net Application Development 

  • Platform Independent

It is a platform-independent programming technology so it can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms and run on different operating systems.

  • Structured Language

VB.Net is a highly structured language.

Advantages of VB.NET Application Development

The advantages of VB.NET Application Development are as under:

  • Despite its ease and usability, VB.NET is a great technology to continue with.
  • Powerful, Adjustable, Simplified Data Access
  • Features like automatic control anchoring, docking, and menu
  • Build robust and efficient applications that increase the efficiency of your company.
  • VB.NET dynamically handles memory using the garbage collector that is handled by the CLR.
  • Simplified Deployment
  • Named Indexers support
  • Provides better casting type compared to earlier versions
  • Your code will be configured automatically.
  • Connect your applications to other applications developed in languages that run on the .NET framework.
VB.NET Application Development Services

True Code Masters VB.NET application development services include: 

  • Development of eCommerce Websites
  • CRM Application Development
  • Dynamic Website Development
  • Migrating web based or standalone applications to .NET
  • Development of existing applications
  • Support and maintenance of existing applications
  • Server/client application development

Skills of our VB.NET Developers are as under: 

  • Ability to Analyze, design, estimate, maintains and develop enterprise software programs to meet the project schedule.
  • Excellent intelligence for troubleshooting.
  • Multitask flexibility in a fast-paced environment.
  • Our Vb.Net Developers have strong Communication skills.
  • Rich expertise in different technologies

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True Code Masters is an Offshore VB.NET Development Company providing the most appropriate and customized solutions for distributed applications and web-based applications. We also work on a variety of web-based applications and have extensive knowledge in this context of the desktop applications. Our VB. NET services ensure that our clients will get improvised user experience to expand businesses online. We have expertise in developing applications for diversified industry verticals.

VB.NET Application Development Services-India

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