Our Quality

Our True code master team believes in “Transparency” which can only be seen if we assure quality in the projects we deliver. We believe that nothing is more important than quality in project. Whether it is an eCommerce store or a mobile app, complexity can be seen in each and every project. It is very important that the quality of project we deliver to our clients should be bug free. Thus, to ensure the quality in all the projects we apply various techniques involved in testing. To give quality assurance in our projects we have a separate testing team that identify the errors in the project through various testing tools.

Our experienced testing professionals are equipped with the latest testing methods. We feel proud of being one of the most transparent web and mobile design and Development Company. By ensuring the quality in our each and every project we have been successful in winning the hearts of millions of people all over the world. The biggest achievement we have received is the trust of people. We are successful in giving 100% satisfaction to all our clients. 

Company Work in Every Project

Our company work in a very organized way so that we bring out the best of us in each and every project. By assuring quality we aim towards building a healthy relationship with clients. Quality of work is on the first priority for us. Our whole team works in collaboration and in an organized way such that you have the best project in your hand due to its quality. 

How do we assure quality?

  • Our Quality Assurance team consults the development team and prepares the test plan.
  • We then prepare the test cases according to the test plan. The test cases are then verified and our testing team uses various techniques to execute the tests.
  • If the bugs are found in any test case our testing team reports it to the developers so that they can fix the bugs and provide a bug-free test case.
  • The developers then technically solve the problem and fix the bugs. After the bugs are fixed the test cases are again sent for test to the Quality Assurance team.
  • After the Quality Assurance team is satisfied with the application, it is sent to you for the reviews!
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we assure quality.