Development Process

A strict yet productive software development process is undertaken in order to build apps that add to your enterprise goals and success. At True Code Masters, we have built hundreds of web, software and mobile apps. Right from their initial strategizing to their eloquent designing, we have been there, done that all! 

Software Development Process

We incorporate fully-customized and deft software development process with the foremost approach to put your organization in full control of your discerning project! We focus on reducing your risk while simultaneously enhancing the transparency between you and your team that ultimately magnifies your success funnel! 

Discovering and Designing

The fundamental of your software project. Discovering and designing is our way of ensuring everything starts off as smoothly as it can. We sit down with, brainstorm for a few days before we finally begin your project. We set up feasible and astute goals, prioritize your project features and organizational needs, curate authentic wireframes and mockups and then give you the prototype you have been waiting for! 


The is the major stage where the magic unravels. It is at this point that we start with the coding process. Our experts plan everything out with you and focus now on delivering the best to you. We focus on sprinting to success, success that is immeasurable in terms triumph but measurable in your budget! Every single step we take potentially adds up to the final product that will eventually meet your organizational goals. 


At this stage, we focus on stabilizing your end-product. The main objective that we have at this stage is to clear all the bugs that have the potential capacity to threaten the integrity of your success. We put in all the efforts just to ensure that your end-product is working just fine on the desired devices. We stop only when the product is finally approved here at this stage! 

Final Release

Delivering website, software or mobile application is not a cakewalk, which is why experts at True Code Masters create a personalized checklist to meet every single need that your organization has to finally get the product completed just right! The final moments before the actual release of the software has us making sure everything necessarily fundamental to the genesis of this software on different platforms is completed. The process is overseen by our expert Release Manager.

Get in touch with our development process:

In this stage we would work with you so that you can help us in identifying different user roles. What idea you have for your project? How do you want us to execute it? What would be your target audience?

In this stage too we would need your help in creating a list of user stories. Each user story will have a brief about the task that needs to be completed.

After listing down the brief on each user story we would provide you a rough estimate on each task. This would help you to know about the estimated delivery of your project.

Your priority is most important to us. You are the one who would prioritize each task so that we can start the work which is No. 1 in your priority list.

We would implement selected task that you want to be completed first. This is quite obvious that as we involve you in every stage, we would discuss each and every single detail about the task with you so that you have a clear idea about the project.

After the task is completed is 100% completed we would test it and would hand it over to you so that you can use the site and verify that whether the user story work according to you or not.

You can add new user story or re-prioritize any user story whenever you want. If you find any fault in something then we would repeat the steps and re-implement the user story just for you


We have delivered successful results with the above projects. Now it’s your turn!

Microsoft .Net
SQL Server

Discuss your idea with us. Allow us to whip up some magic for you too!