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True Code Masters offers specialized services in Ionic Application Development, open-source SDK for seamless hybrid application development across different operating systems. Our performance-oriented Ionic mobile application development services amalgamate with HTML5, CSS and AngularJS development to leverage the optimal potential for your mobile app vision. Our developers implement the best coding practices by adhering to the regulations of different platforms and operating systems. With our entire focus on innovation and supremacy, our team of developers and consultants foster robust ionic Cross-platform mobile development.

Understanding Ionic development framework

What is ionic framework app development?

Ionic is an open-source, free-to-use web development framework, largely based on the HTML5 mobile app development framework, that allows for the development of hybrid mobile apps for different operating systems, including Android, Windows, iOS, and more. Development process on Ionic is popular because of its seamless, single codebase.

What is the use of ionic?

Ionic is majorly used to develop progressive mobile apps that native framework cannot provide you with. Be it iOS or Android, without the help of other frameworks, curating feature-rich apps with fluid elements can be difficult. 

Developing apps over ionic does not require you to rewrite your code again and again to match the guidelines of different platforms. Rather, you only require a single codebase that works seamlessly on all different platforms. Ionic is used to develop lifelong applications that are future-ready, fast and scalable!

Ionic Mobile App Development Services

What language is ionic?

Ionic is largely based on AngularJS programming language. In addition to the JavaScript, Ionic also uses CSS, HTML5 languages. All of these languages together make Ionic an amazing mobile development platform.

Ionic app development: Features
  • Reusable codes 
  • Native app feel and look 
  • Cost-saving, affordable development 
  • Time saving
  • Less resource input, more results
  • Rapid process 
  • Quick deliverables 
  • Short marketing time 
  • Cross-platform development and deployment


Ionic Mobile App Development Service Offerings

  • Ionic mobile app development
  • Ionic app integration
  • Ionic UI/UX design
  • Ionic widget development
  • Ionic business app development
  • Ionic mCommerce and eCommerce development
  • Ionic social media app development
  • Ionic mobile game development
  • Ionic app testing and QA
  • Ionic migration and porting
  • Ionic consultation
  • Custom framework development
  • Ionic app support and maintenance 

Our exceptional ionic developers to get highly competent and feature-rich cross-platform apps based on AngularJS.

Ionic Mobile App Development Services-India

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