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What is Android Application Development?

All Android apps are software that are packaged into a single unit, also known as .apk applications that are focused to run over Android OS. All Android applications support a versatile range of devices, including smartphones, smart watches, laptops, televisions, etc. The prime reason why people opt for Android is because of the fluidity it offers in terms of app development, a hospitable environment for building multitasking applications and the best UI/UX support. 

Android App Development: The process

  • We speak with you, listen to your ideas and your business visions and try to understand your requirements.
  • Our team, led by your dedicated project manager now develops fool-proof plans that help build robust Android solutions for your business.
  • We engage with you and get our plans approved, along with getting your approved engagement model!
  • We complete your development project and submit the same to you in a timely duration.
  • We offer you our endless support throughout the lifecycle of your application.
Android App Development Services India

Premium Android App Development solutions

  • Custom Android App Development Services
  • Android Mobile Game development
  • Android social networking development
  • Health, lifestyle and media Android application development
  • Fashion app development
  • News, media and publishing app development
  • Business and eCommerce Android development
  • Location and GPS based Android development
  • Android support and maintenance

Why choose True Code Masters for Android app development in India? 

  • Fluid designs

We design Android applications that are modern, robust, beautifully designed and interactive. 

  • Functional Java programming

On multiple fronts, our expert developers bring together fully-functional and interactive Java programming and Android development process in order to make the code stable and scalable. 

  • Kotlin

We use Kotlin into our Android app development services in order to make the code more convenient, expressive and stable in terms of modernity and robustness. 

  • Efficacious testing

Our QA and testing team effectively runs vigorous tests before we hand-over the final product to you. We take help of MVP model approach to make the testing process easy and practical. 

  • Continuous support

We deeply understand the application environment around us and undertake great research before we provide you with marketable Android solutions. Our solutions are fully-functional and aesthetically pleasing and yet we offer you our support through the entire application lifecycle. 

Android App Development Services India-India

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