Smart Funeral Director


To help overcome resistance to change in the conservative funeral industry, SFD needed an attractive, cost-effective digital signage solution. Most of the parlour were working offline. Management of any parlour which have multiple address is very hard to track.

A recent trend finds funeral homes seeking to distinguish themselves by providing an even more personalized experience, on top of the comfortable, comforting environment that has always been a top priority


  • SFD is All-in-one for Android & iOS application provided an ideal, cost effective solution.
  • It offers a dynamic means of personalizing and customizing each message for every service.
  • Allow to customize the selection of services for funeral user is looking.
  • It detect end user location and its shows nearby funeral parlour.


Technology: ASP.NET Core, C#, Flutter

Front End: Angular 8

Web Api: ASP.NET Web Api

Database: Sql Server & MySQL

Mobile Application: Flutter

Platform: Mobile & Web      


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