Insurance Administration System


The Policy Administration Software helps to overcome fraud solution and handles policy collections and premium collections. On the Policy Administration Software our primary objective is to cater for the needs of the various participants in the burial industry, whether it is Funerals Parlour, Brokers, Administrator, or Underwriter.

The core system is enhanced with range of integrated workflow, electronic documents all designed to work smart, faster and with clarity.


  •         UIS is an All-in-one for Android & iOS application
  •         Allows you to capture policy
  •         Allows you to generate Reports
  •         Document managements
  •         Allows you collect Premium and manage them
  •         Allows you to generate Claims Solution
  •         Allows to send SMS models out to clients
  •         Allows you to process Debit orders
  •         Allows you to Process Quotations


Technology: ASP.NET Core, C#, Flutter


Database: SQL Server & MySQL

Mobile Application: Flutter

Platform: Mobile & Web

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