DayTasker - CRM Application


DayTasker is US based client looking to build solution to provide services to daily bases worker who is plumber, electrician, pool clear, contractor, contractor, labor.

This system should be easy to use for non-technical user so they can manage customer, invoice, payment, appointment with end user and everything at one place.


  • Multi Tenant  SAAS based CRM application which provide services to the organization who provide service to clean house, lawn, gardening, pool cleaning and other work of houses/Office/building.
  • SaaS single database with multiple tenant.
  • Organization will need to registered with system and then they will able to manage their customer, services, employee, invoice and payment.
  • It has scheduler which scheduler, who scheduled the services, assigned the service to employee, service status and billing system.
  • The reporting Last Pump Date, Next Scheduled Pump, Scheduled Pump, Last Service Date, Next Scheduled Service by customer wise.


  • Anyone with email address will able to create account.
  • Easily able to schedule call and appointment with customer.
  • Easily able to generate report.

Tools & Technologies

Tools: Visual Studio 2013,

Framework: MVC 5,,

Database: SQL Server 2012,

ORM: Entity Framework,

Third Party Control: Devexpress Control MVC, DEvexpress Reports

Demo Url: