Client is USA based and active in construction. He has his legacy system and wanted to automate the business process from quote generation to Job Inspection with new latest technology. Legacy system is built with VB and have very good feature already but now looking to build better solution easy to use with quotation generation, timesheet management, Job Inspection through timesheets, Job scheduling and Job Process and reporting module.

Existing system was very hard to configure and management, It need to be installed and configure to every client’s machine if client have multiple user than it was very hard to manage.

The challenge was to incorporate complete legacy system and provide advance solution which should be easy to use Desktop/web-based solution incorporating all the features along with reporting, timesheet management and so.


True Code Masters provided a complete SAAS system with Desktop & Web Application client and backend api using Microsoft Technology (Microsoft .NET, Devexpress, ReactJs and Azure Sql Server) with following features.

  • Customer management
  • Pipeline management – (Complete work flow management of Estimation module)
  • Workflow management
  • Appointment calendar & scheduling appointment with customer.
  • System offer customization and full dynamic to handle quotation, Next step to handle on process.
  • Complete quotation management.
  • Job Management
  • Work order management (Each job is divided into small job and different contractor work on it)
  • Work order wise timesheet management.
  • Report tool
  • Important feature (Gross Profit Per Man Days) calculation, It allow the system to set how much profit company is looking to set for business on estimation after calculation of job sold and actual cost.


  • Client is successfully using this solution at internal office for managing jobs, quotes, and timesheets. It has helped client in following way.
  • Customer management and quotation management got very easy to management.
  • Client can be either use desktop or web client as per their convenient.
  • Data handled on azure so availability is very good.
  • Tracking of time and cost is easy to manage from any place, No dependency to be available from office.
  • On click report generation
  • Job scheduling and monitoring has been much easier than manual processes


Operating System : Windows 

Framework : .NET 4.6.1, Devexpress 19.1.6

Services: Web Api 2.0

Front End: Desktop Client (Devexpress) Desktop, React Js Web Client

Web Server : IIS Azure

Programming Language : C#

Database : Microsoft SQL Server

Development Tool : Microsoft Visual Studio

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