Business Model

Each and every project has different requirements and specifications. That is why we analyse the project scope and requirements and then apply a specific business model to that project. We work on these three business models. You can choose any business model according to your project scope. 

Time and Material Pricing Model

We have a perfect solution for your complex business problem. Our motive is to understand that there are some projects in which the requirements are somewhat complicated. We have therefore brought time and material pricing model for such projects. As the project requirements are little complex this model requires good market research and great business analysis.     

Steps followed by us:

  • Client does not need to give a detailed project specification.
  • We will work on the time slot that client chooses.
  • We guarantee a quick response and good hour log to the client.

If the client knows each and every detail about the project and has a clear specification then we offer a fixed cost pricing model to the client. The best thing about the model is that everything is agreed before the project starts. In this model reliability is high with minimum risk because everything is pre-decided on agreement. In this model the client has to pay a pre-decided quote for the complete project and in return we guarantee perfect deliverables at the end of the project.


Steps we follow:

  • Client would give complete project specification to us.
  • If the client fails to give a complete project requirement document he/she can hire our BA who will understand his/her project requirement in detail.
  • A BRD (Business requirement Document) is prepared.
  • After the client approves BRD, the time, and cost estimation is provided to the client.
  • Our team members work on different project modules and provide the deliverables accordingly.

This model is meant for those who want to control the costs and reduce the overhead involved in management. We personally recommend this business model to software companies who want to expand themselves.


Steps that we follow:

  • We build an offshore facility by using our expertise knowledge.
  • We then use it to satisfy your needs.
  • After your needs are satisfied we transfer the resources to you.
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We have a perfect solution for your complex business problem.